FAQ for Domain Names - When and Why Do You Need Them?
Posted by Kristie Filion on 27 May 2015 09:15 PM

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the name or "address" of your website (i.e. or

What is a typical Branded Domain name?

Your branded domain name should include your Brand name, in most cases your first and last name (i.e. or This is the domain name you will likely have your primary email address ( attached to and have displayed on business cards, letterhead etc.

What is a typical Unbranded Domain name?

Your unbranded domain name is the address of your "Consumer Information Site" and should contain not only your primary service area name, but convey the idea that free real estate information is being offered.  For example or is the type of domain name you will want to reserve for your Unbranded Consumer Information site.

Why do we need more "benefit rich" Domain Names?

Having a specific "benefit-rich" domain for each print campaign is important for couple of reasons. Firstly, you need to use unique domain names for your ads in order to track the number of visits and leads generated by your ads.  Secondly, the domain name should be specific to your advertising (i.e. or Keep in mind that you only need additional domain name for print advertising.  Online ads can be tracked with a unique URL that can be generated through the SuccessWebsite Ad Tool.

Where can I register Domain Names?

If you want to make sure your domain names are ready to be used for your SuccessWebsite, visit to register your domain names.  Other popular domain registrars include and


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