[Instruction Guide] Importing Listings from and Zillow
Posted by on 19 April 2018 01:11 PM

IMPORTANT: As of 10/19/2018 this tutorial does not work with REALTOR.CA

  • Login to your command center.

  • Go to MyListings and then hit Add New



  • Once, the page reloads, you can find the option Import listing on your top right



  • This will display the Listings Import page where you will be able to select the source Website ( or Zillow) from the drop down list.

  • Copy the URL for your listing from or Zillow and then hit Import.

  • Review the content of your listing and then click Save.


  • You will now see the listings you’ve imported under MyListings. From here, you can make necessary or further changes to the listings. You can also assign SMS codes to the individual lists.


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