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Posted by Sasha B on 05 December 2016 12:15 PM

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  Following instructions will allow your Zillow and Trulia contacts to flow directly and automatically into SuccessWebsite MyLeads CRM. Get started in four easy steps:



1.  In your Command Center hover over the Settings dropdown

2.  Select Leads Import from the menu that appers

3.  Click on the Generate button that coresponds the Zillow Integration Key

4.  key will be auto generated (ex. wBS4Q9RF89rzQySdtWHcYAvX)

5.  Click the Copy button next to the key.

6.  Login to your Zillow account

7.  In your Zillow profile under Account, select Connect to my CRM from the navigation bar.


8.  Click Add Partner


9.  Select Consulnet Computing Inc. the drop-down menu


10. Provide your authentication key from Step 5 in the box that appears.


11. Click Save to finish

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