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Posted by Kristie Filion on 24 February 2016 05:15 PM

New Campaign for Management Clients!!

So far, we've seen amazing results from this new Exclusive Listing campaign on Facebook. Clients who are generating leads from this presently are Vinny Steo & Kevin Flaherty.

Here are some links to their ads on Facebook as well as the Listing Lead Page: - Facebook Post Engagement Ad - Listing Lead Page

Important: One of the main reasons these ads work so well is becuase we intentionally exclude the price and address on the ads and squeeze page

The Setup

Custom Response & Report Setup:

Create a custom respose with the following re-direct script to make sure the prospect is re-directed to the listing details after submitting the form:

View Script

Custom Listing Squeeze Page Setup:

In Branded site, create custom page and use part of the property address as the title (i.e. greencedar or green_cedar)

In Custom Page settings:

Page Title: Featured Listing - Prime Acreage Listing In Orangeville (for example)

Page Layout: Standard without menus

Form: Standard Form

Response: Choose your custom response

Report: Choose your custom report

Content HTML: View HTML - **Make sure you customize this content to fit the listing description**

Custom CSS: View CSS

Page Script: View Page Script

Save and view page.

Facebook Ad Setup

The ads we have been doing for the Listings are Post Engagement ads. The ads can be posted from a less branded community page or a branded business page.  The example below shows what the ad should look like.

FEATURED LISTING - [insert listing description without price or address with a call to action to click on tracking url for details]

Create "Post Engagement" ad in Facebook and boost the post for the appropriate target audience and budget (typically $5/day)

That's it! Make sure you create a tracking URL for this ad in My Campaigns so it shows within the Facebook Media outlet in Track My Success.



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