How to Create a PPC Account
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Google AdWords PPC Support Account


Check if the account exists or not under our Google AdWords PPC Support Account, if it doesn’t exist then click on Create New AdWords Account to add a new account.

{NOTE: If account exists


  1. Check Validity
  2. Use Current Account


Cancel and put in active account}

Under Name of Account insert the customer’s name also make sure to

  • Check Time Zone
  • Area
  • Currency

Make sure to choose the correct currency, area and time zone because once the account is created it cannot be changed. Once you are done click on Save.

Once saved click on the customer’s name:

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Click on Conversions
  3. Click on + Conversions
  4. Select Website

For the Options make sure they have the following settings:

  • Under Name à Type Buyer à Click on Done
  • Under Value à Make sure to choose Do Not Assign à Click on Done
  • Under Count à Change to Unique à Click on Done
  • Under Conversion window à LEAVE AS IS
  • Under Category à Change to Lead à Click on Done
  • Under Optimization à Keep It ON à Click on Done

Save and Continue

The code that appears at the bottom is a Tag that needs to be put onto the site for which the campaign will be running. Therefore you would need to copy the code and click on done.


Once you have signed in to the back end of the website of where the campaign will be running you would need to

  • Go to Site Parameters
  • Paste the code onto Global Response Script (which is the last option at the bottom)
  • Click on Save

Once you have pasted in the code make sure to go the landing page that will be used for the Google Pay Per Click Campaign

Landing Page

Add the following code in the body in the beginning of the h1 tag

<span class="city"></span>

Scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure Dynamic Adword is enabled.

Save and Publish Site

Adwords Editor

Open Adwords Editor

Since it is a new account you are working on you would need to

  • You would need to click on Add
  • Sign in to the PPCSupport
  • Look for the account
  • Click on the name

Open a new separate window through Adwords Editor

  • look for the SWS Campaign Library New
  • Copy the 1st Foreclosure {make sure to select “Campaign” tab before copying}

Go back to the persons account and Paste in the Campaign tab that was copied

Under the client’s account

Check Location First which you fill find under keywords or targetting

  • Click on Edit/Find Location

Click on Ad Group

  • Change the city to the city that applies for the client

Click on Keywords

  • Select All ( Ctrl +A)
  • Replace (Crtrl +H)
  • Match whole words only needs to be checked off
  • City abbreviations needs to be replaced
  • State needs to be replaced

Click on Ads

Once on ads

  • Change the city for each ad ( you can select all and replace but make sure it doesn’t affect the URL if it does then you would need to correct the URL){remove check whole words – This will replace City in every place}
  • Display URL – needs to be updated to the site you are using to run the campaign
  • {If you see “red” in the URL just click on another line and it goes off. If it is a city with two words Google will automatically put in a %20}

Note: If the city is within the URL you are using for the campaigns go through each individual ad and make sure it reflects the correct one.

You can double check the landing pages

Click On Campaigns Settings


  • Search Network Only


  • $10

Ad Rotation

  • Rotate Indefinitely


  • Search Partners needs to be Enabled

Click on Post

Google AdWords PPC Support Account

Go back to Google AdWords PPC Support Account

  • Look for the customer
  • You can double check the ads and keywords

Billing Information

  • Click on the Gear
  • Click on Billing
  • Fill in their information and make sure Individual is checked off

Give Your Client Account Access

  • Click on The Gear
  • Click on Account Settings
  • Click on Account Access
  • Click +Users
  • Fill in their E-mail Address
  • Give them Administrative Access
  • Click on Send Invitation

Make sure to leave the campaign on pause, until you get a chance to talk to your customer to let them know it is up and that you will be setting the 3 PPC calls à 2 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 month

Make sure you Leave a Note in Zoho once you have completed a Google Pay Per Click Set Up. Also update their PPC Status to Pending until you get a chance to talk to them and make is Active.

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