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Facebook Setup Instructions
Posted by Kristie Filion on 29 June 2017 12:08 PM

Here are some instructions to get you started with a Facebook Business Manager account and connect to the Success Facebook Business Manager:

1. Visit

2. Sign in to your Facebook account in the top right corner if you are not already signed in

3. Click "Create Account"

4. For Business Name, enter your business name and Click "Next"

5. Click on Business Settings

6. Click on the Pages tab (Flag icon on the left hand side of the screen)

7. Click on Add Page. If you have an unbranded page that you would like to use already set up, you can claim that here. If not, have them click on Create New Page

8. For page type, pick Cause or Community. Enter in a page name. Something such as [Your Area] Real Estate Information

9. Once the page is created, click Assign Partner in the top right corner. Click on the blue link at the bottom that states to add by Business ID instead

10. For Role, pick Page Admin. The ID number is: 734117219995303

11. Once the page has been assigned to, click on Payments at the top of the screen

12. Click Add New Payment Method, enter a credit card that you have not used with Facebook before

13. Once the payment has been entered, go to

14. Click on Business Settings

15. Click on Ad Accounts (should be the third symbol from the top on the left hand side,)

16. Click Add Ad Account, then "Create New Ad Account"

17. Enter Ad Account name. Ensure the time zone is correct, and choose the payment method already entered from the drop down menu. Click Ok. A screen should appear about assigning people, press skip

18. Click Assign Partner in the top right corner. Click the blue link on the bottom that states to add by Business ID instead

19. For role, pick Ad Account Admin. The ID number is: 734117219995303

Hope that works! Let us know if you get stuck.

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